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Are you a new student and interested in signing up? We offer first time students 4 weeks of yoga for 40 dollars

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What to expect:

    • Our studio is open 15 minutes before each class

    • If you don’t have your own yoga mat, we have mats available for use at the studio, we ask that you wipe down these mats after use

    • Students generally practice yoga in bare feet, we ask that all students remove their footwear before entering the studio

    • Try to arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts

    • Turn off your mobile device

    • We are a scent free environment, please respect this policy

    • It is best not to eat a heavy meal before class

    • Please let the instructor know if you are pregnant, or are suffering from any injuries

    • We accept payment in cash, cheque or e-transfer only, please make cheques payable to HaTha Yoga Room

    • Programs run on a two month basis, and payment is due at the beginning of each program

    • You can join at any point during the program and we will prorate the price, based on the number of weeks remaining in the program

    • You may sign up at anytime for our “30 Days of Yoga for 30 Dollars” beginners offer

    • We strive to be a safe, non-judgmental, and peaceful place to practice yoga, and we welcome everyone to our Sangha

  • We hope you will join our Yoga Community! Namaste